I can create amazing custom plates, bowls and a lot of other great creations.

The glass in these creations is 100% North American Glass then created in Canada by me.


Most of my glassware is functional and food safe. My creations can be used for every day use.

Give your meal creations a picturesque landscape to be display upon!

I guarantee after each meal and your guests will have something to talk about.

Like what you see?

view my portfolio. Then,

Check out my Fused Glass

About GlassyGirl.ca

GlassyGirl.ca is a online showcase of the work I have created to date. I am Karen and yes I'm Glassy Girl! Years ago I started dabbling in various forms of creativity, Than I stumbled upon the "Art of Glass making". Not only is it a lot of fun but very creative. 

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Sushi Plates

Serving Plates




Bird Baths 


Custom orders

Hot pads & 

​much more


Karen's Homemade Fused Glass